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May 19, 2018 – Saturday Morning Card Reading!

Good morning and blessed be!

I love this Earth Deck, the images and messages are more than just beautiful, they’re also very direct and concise.

So, without further ado, go ahead and choose one of the 4 cards below for your weekly guidance message from spirit 🤘.

To choose, focus on your question and pick the card resonates with you most from the picture below then scroll down for its meaning :).



Card #1:

Summer Solstice – Radiance



Shine on! This card is all about renewed energy of the spirit, so that you may express and exude your souls individuality in order to do the work spirit asks of you. This card asks you to ahem, give less f*cks about what other people think of you. All eyes may be on you for being bright or standing out, but that doesn’t mean you owe anything to the people who own those eyes. Look at the suns face. Zero effs given there folks. The sun knows it’s worth, it shows up every day bringing warmth and light (without which we wouldn’t survive). You are just as important and critical in your role in this life, and This card is asking you to fully realize yourself. The summer solstice is a time when leaves are full, flowers bloomed, and harvest plants are starting to produce. So you are being asked to be aware of what you’ve produced in the last cycle and shine with authenticity of your soul to produce more of what you want in the next!


Card #2:

Desert – Vision Quest



This is a very powerful card for those who are at a major point of development in thier lives. Vision Quests are undertaken by several indigenous cultures as a right of passage and the messages and visions received by the initiate are considered very sacred. If you’ve chosen this for card, it’s a great indication that Spirit is trying to communicate with you to help you(the initiate). And you are being asked to grow, to go to the next phase so to speak. Perhaps you’ve been stuck in a rut or a cycle that you’re ready to break away from but are not sure how. This card is telling you to spend time in deep reflection, and to assess what you REALLY need. To simplify and de clutter/purge. Pay close attention to any recurring signs and symbols or omens this week, spirit is really trying to get messages through to you, be sure to acknowledge them 😉.


Card 3:

Ceremony – Invocation



This card comes to us when there is a need of spiritual observance. And for those who are not spiritual, that’s okay! This is about gaining from the energy and spirit of another so can get past your current obstacle (see Pan in the back right). You can do that by reading a book about someone you admire and practicing what’s in it. See how the woman has selected the items carefully for her altar to pay reverence to Pan, and voila, there he is? In the same way you can invite/ invoke the energy of someone you have admiration for by adopting some of thier rituals and symbols etc into your life to help you develop, grow and attain 👍.


Card 4:

Eagle – Communion



This card calls us to have a singularity with our purpose. To keep our eyes on the prize. Notice the man on the edge, looking up comfortably as though he were seated safely on a soft blanket of grass instead of precariously on the edge of an cliff, height unknown. That’s what going for our passions is like, and why you MUSTNT LOOK DOWN. Chin up buttercup, Eagle is with you all the way. Also this card asks us to see from the view of the eagle (eagle eyes) which is a better vantage point for assessment. To look at the whole picture, rather than your position, so you can make informed decisions that help you achieve your goals.


Have a fantastic week, and remember: when in doubt, mettle it out!



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