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Why a Witch? – (30 second read)

Ever get asked why you 'chose' to be a witch? I actually love this question because instead of being put on the spot or offended, I find myself falling in love Magick and Witchcraft all over again as I'm reminded of the three things that keep my soul tethered to 'the craft': 1) Accountability is… Continue reading Why a Witch? – (30 second read)

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Dark Moon Ritual for June’s Deipnon – 2 minute read

Hi blessed reader and welcome! The new moon is coming and with all the crazy energy swirling around I'm really excited for this months Deipnon (Dark Moon Ritual To Hekate). I'm so ready to give tribute and offerings. Every witches ritual is different, feel free to use this or tweak it as you feel guided… Continue reading Dark Moon Ritual for June’s Deipnon – 2 minute read

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Wicked Wednesday Oracle Card Reading!

Good morning and blessed be! It's that time for a weekly message from spirit to help you get through your week! I just love this Earth Oracle Deck, the images and messages are more than just beautiful, they're also very direct and concise. I hope you love them as much as I do! So, go… Continue reading Wicked Wednesday Oracle Card Reading!